We are looking for experienced Native French teachers to join our team and growing platform. Preferably teachers who speak multiple languages and have a good experience teaching French to different kind of students. We welcome everyone as long as you have good teaching skills, a passion for languages and a desire to work with students from all over the world.


You just need an Internet connection, a webcam and we take care of the rest. From wherever you are, you will be able to give lessons online and the platform will connect you with students who will be eager to learn French and learn more about your country and culture. The system will take care of the booking, mailing, reminders and time zones difference you may have with your students automatically. No more hassle.


You will choose your own schedule, your days off and also the amount of time you will spend on the platform and with your students. The more you work, the more revenue you can generate. You are free to plan your work schedule and nobody is going to tell you that you can’t take some vacation whevener you please. Enjoy the free life.


You’ll get new students on a daily basis. The platform will constantly attract more and more students as the demand keeps increasing and you will be able to double or triple your revenue with time and dedication. Some of our best teachers make a living solely thanks to this platform, so why not you?