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There was a problem during a class

I had technical problems during the class.

In case you have had technical problems during a class, your teacher must remain available for the duration of the class you have booked, in case the technical problems are resolved before the end of the class. Knowing that a class includes other students, under no circumstances will a teacher be able to postpone or refund a class if the technical problems appear on the student’s side.

Your teacher had technical problems during the class.

If your teacher has technical problems during a class, he has the obligation to propose to the students attending the class another date or time to make sure all the students receive the services they paid for. If the problem happened in the middle of the class, your teacher will have to find a solution to make sure the remaining time of the class is taught to all the students. If you can not find an agreement, a date or a specific time to reschedule the class or remaining time, let us know by sending us a message. Click on the chat icon on your “DASHBOARD” page, contact us and tell us the lesson ID and the name of the teacher you had your class with. Oh My French will find an appropriate solution.

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