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Can I book a lesson for my child?

Yes, you can book a lesson for your child. We ask parents to be responsible for managing the account, as well as lessons, and communicate with teachers on behalf of the child. Oh My French will consider that any action taken on the account has been made by an adult who is responsible for the child’s account if the student is less that eighteen (18) years old.

Choose the right teacher.

Oh My French lets you know if the teacher are specialized with kids. The filters on the Oh My French platform allow you to find experienced teachers specializing in teaching French to children. We recommend choosing with your child the teacher together and do a trial lesson with the teacher you chose to see if the teacher meets your expectations.

Choose a teacher who speaks your native language.

Oh My French recommends, especially if you are a beginner, choosing a teacher who speaks your native language. In this way, your teacher will be able to better explain you the technical aspects of the French language in your mother tongue. Your teacher will help you more if he understands the difficulties that exist in your mother tongue.

The teacher’s level and his diamonds are important.

Each teacher is different. Oh My French has created a point system to distinguish the most experienced and dedicated teachers on the platform. Each teacher is rewarded depending on the number of lessons he has given on the platform and the amount of time he has spent working on Oh My French. The higher the number of diamonds, the better.

The teacher’s specialties should fit your needs.

Some teachers are good with kids, others are perfect for teaching business French. Use our wide range of filters to find the one who best suits your requirements.

If you still have no idea.

Oh My French helps all its students and can recommend you a teacher based on your criteria. Log in and send us a message on the “DASHBOARD” page by clicking on the chat icon and let us know your requirements. The Oh My French team will be able to help you out in choosing the best teacher for your needs.

You booked a lesson or class with a teacher.

If you booked a lesson or class with a teacher, you received an email with your teacher’s Skype ID written in it. You can add your teacher directly on Skype and send him a message there before your lesson or class to get in touch with him.

I can’t find my teacher on Skype.

Sometimes, it might happen entering a teacher’s Skype ID doesn’t give any results in the search bar. For that reason, we also send your Skype ID to your teacher so that he can also contact you before the start of your lesson or class.

My teacher has not contacted me.

If, for some reason, you cannot contact your teacher and you teacher has not contacted you for your lesson or class, contact us immediately. Log in to your account and send us a message on the “DASHBOARD” page, Oh My French will check if your teacher is having problems contacting you as well.



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How can we help you?